Federal Election Commission Looking Into Fox News for Excluding Karger from Debate

Federal Election Commission Begins Action on
Karger Filing Against Rupert Murdoch & Fox News Channel


LOS ANGELES – Presidential candidate Fred Karger received confirmation today from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that it is now looking into the complaint he filed against Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch.  The FEC considers it an official “Matter Under Review,” and assigned Karger’s request for investigation an FEC case number - MUR 6493.  The FEC has also notified Murdoch, who must respond to the charges (see FEC letter below).  

Karger filed his 82 page complaint under the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, because Fox News executives Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes did not allow him to participate in the Fox News Channel sponsored Presidential Debate held on August 11, 2011, even though he met their “pre-established objective criteria.”  

Karger met all requirements established by Fox News to participate in its Ames, Iowa debate by reaching an average of 1% in five national polls when he received 2% in the Harris Interactive national survey released on August 4, 2011.  In that poll, Karger was tied with former governors Tim Pawlenty (MN) and Jon Huntsman (UT), both of whom were allowed in the Fox News Debate.  After meeting their requirement, Fox changed its criteria in order to exclude Karger.

“I qualified for last month’s Fox News Channel Debate fair-and-square, and was fully expecting to be on that stage in Ames.  For some reason, Fox News did not want me debating the other presidential candidates,” said Karger.  

“I am very pleased to see the FEC act so quickly on my complaint.  I requested an expedited investigation because the next Fox News debate is only three weeks away, on September 22nd in Orlando, Florida.  I am hoping Fox will allow me to participate.”

“The FEC has very specific rules dealing with these debates, and Fox certainly appears to have broken them,” concluded Karger.

Copy of the FEC letter is below: