NHDP - Ring Leader Ovide Lamontagne Launches Bid to Lead the State House Circus

Concord, NH - The New Hampshire Democratic Party released the following statement on Ovide Lamontagne's announcement this morning that he is running for political office for the fourth time.


"The ring leader has now joined the State House circus," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Is there even a single instance where Lamontange doesn't agree with the job killing agenda forced on New Hampshire by the reckless Tea Party legislature this year?"


At a Tea Party rally this year, Ovide Lamontagne told a sparse crowd that the Republican legislature's job killing agenda was "just the beginning." [4/16/2011]  The Republican state budget passed earlier this year has already killed over 1,300 New Hampshire jobs. [Portsmouth Herald, 8/31/2011]


"Whether it's calling schools 'glorified social service agencies,' not supporting a woman's right to choose in any circumstance, or supporting the job and wage killing right to work for less legislation, Lamontagne is in lock step with Republican Tea Party legislature," continued Kirstein.  "Lamontagne's reckless ideology has already been rejected by New Hampshire three times over a span of nearly two decades, and he is rapidly becoming the Don Quixote of New Hampshire Republicans."


Independent public opinion polls have reported that the current Republican legislature is hugely unpopular.  Two recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center polls found that voters consider the Republican legislature one of the three most concerning issues currently facing the state. [UNH Poll] Since last fall, there has been a double digit drop for Republicans on a generic legislative ballot. [UNH Poll, PPP Poll


Lamontagne Is Anti-Choice With "No Exceptions" For Rape And Incest. According to Fosters Daily Democrat, "Lamontagne said he is 'pro-life' with no exceptions and does not support embryonic stem cell research or gay marriage." [Fosters Daily Democrat, 5/27/10]


Lamontagne Called Schools "Glorified Social Service Agencies." In 1993, Lamontagne called schools "glorified social service agencies." [Union Leader, 11/4/93]


Lamontagne Supports Right to Work Laws. In a recent op-ed, Lamontagne argued in favor of turning New Hampshire into a so-called right to work state. "The Granite State is currently engaged in a debate about whether to become the nation's 23rd right-to-work state. I support the view that employees should be free to choose whether or not to join a union in the workplace." [Union Leader, 6/13/11]