New Hampshire Democrats: "Ovide Lamontagne Is No John Lynch"

Concord, NH - After his gubernatorial announcement Ovide Lamontagne told WMUR, "I want to be a lot like John Lynch in terms of bringing people together." 

Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, responds:

"Ovide Lamontagne is no John Lynch. John Lynch focuses on bringing people together to make progress on the issues that matter: helping workers, creating jobs, and improving education.


Ovide Lamontagne will take New Hampshire backwards. He will be a rubber stamp for this legislature's extreme social agenda: restricting women's access to birth control; eliminating the state's efforts to improve public schools; and gutting workers' rights. For his entire career he has purported extreme policies that are far to the right of where the vast majority of Granite Staters are."


Lamontagne supports divisive policies that are out of touch with the majority of Granite Staters:


Lamontagne Supports a Federal Marriage Amendment That Would Outlaw All Same Sex Marriage. According to the Nashua Telegraph, "Lamontagne said he's the only one to support a heterosexual-only marriage amendment to the Constitution." [Nashua Telegraph, 9/10/10]  


Lamontagne Called Schools "Glorified Social Service Agencies." In 1993, Lamontagne called schools "glorified social service agencies." [Union Leader, 11/4/93]


Lamontagne Opposed Extending Unemployment Benefits, Said They are the Reason People Aren't Returning to Work. According to the Concord Monitor, "Lamontagne said he would oppose extending unemployment benefits. He has heard anecdotal evidence that people are not returning to work because they are getting benefits. [Concord Monitor, 8/9/2010]

Lamontagne Supports Right to Work Laws. In a recent op-ed, Lamontagne argued in favor of turning New Hampshire into a so-called right to work state. "The Granite State is currently engaged in a debate about whether to become the nation's 23rd right-to-work state. I support the view that employees should be free to choose whether or not to join a union in the workplace." [Union Leader, 6/13/11]  


Lamontagne Is Anti-Choice With "No Exceptions" For Rape or Incest. According to Fosters Daily Democrat, "Lamontagne said he is 'pro-life' with no exceptions and does not support embryonic stem cell research or gay marriage."[Fosters Daily Democrat, 5/27/10]  
Lamontagne Says Reckless State House Agenda is "Just the Beginning." At a Tea Party rally this year, Ovide Lamontagne told a sparse crowd that the Republican legislature's job killing agenda was "just the beginning." [4/16/2011]  The Republican state budget passed earlier this year has already killed over 1,300 New Hampshire jobs. [Portsmouth Herald, 8/31/2011]