NH Council Churches Responds to Hate Crime

CONCORD, NH 09/19/2011 - 


Yesterday, Pastor Manessee Ngendahayo and two other families were targeted by hate vandalism of their Concord, NH homes.


In response, the NH Council of Churches deplored this incident of racial intolerance.


Speaking for the Council, David Lamarre-Vincent said: "My heart grieves for Manessee Ngendahayo his family and the other families targeted by these outrageous acts.


Mr. Ngendahayo and the other victims of this vandalism know only too well what can happen to a nation  when hatred seizes control of hearts and minds. They have come to the United States to find safety and build new lives.


Their presence has been blessing for all of Concord and New Hampshire.


On behalf of the NH Council of Churches, I want to express our shock and dismay at these vicious acts of vandalism. Such actions cannot be tolerated in NH cities and towns. I urge those responsible for the hate messages to be held accountable. All new American Africans and other new immigrants must know that they are safe and secure in their new country and that people of goodwill repudiate the actions of vandals."



About the New Hampshire Council of Churches: The New Hampshire Council of Churches, 10 member denominations, works together for peace, for the poor, and for the care of the planet. Rooted in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the NHCC inspires congregations and people of faith to unite in good works that build a culture of justice, compassion and peace.