Perry Earns 27 NH Lawmaker Endorsements

Gov. Rick Perry’s Jobs and Fiscal Conservatism Message
Earns 27 New Hampshire Lawmaker Endorsements

Legislative endorsements triple Mitt Romney’s Granite State support

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today announced support from 27 New Hampshire state representatives, adding to his strong grassroots and conservative political support in the Granite State.

“Gov. Perry’s record creating the nation’s best pro-jobs environment and commitment to get America working again is earning strong support from New Hampshire Republican leaders,” said Perry campaign manager Rob Johnson. “These 27 New Hampshire legislative endorsements triple the number of legislative endorsements announced by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romneylast week, and he’s been running for president continually for four years.”

The following New Hampshire state representatives support Gov. Perry’s candidacy for President:

·         Rep. Pamela Tucker (R-Greenland), Deputy Speaker  

·         Rep. Pete Silva (R-Nashua), Majority Whip

·         Rep. Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack)

·         Rep. Gregory Sorg (R-Easton)

·         Rep. Andrew Renzullo (R-Hudson)

·         Rep. Ralph Boehm (R-Litchfield)

·         Rep. Larry Gagne (R-Manchester)

·         Rep. Win Hutchinson (R-Manchester)

·         Rep. Carlos Gonzalez (R-Manchester)

·         Rep. Kevin Avard (R-Nashua)

·         Rep. Fred Rice (R-Hampton)

·         Rep. Ken Weyler (R-Kingston)

·         Rep. David Lundgren (R-Londonderry)

·         Rep. Will Smith (R-New Castle)

·         Rep. Norman Major (R-Plaistow)

·         Rep. Al Baldassaro (R-Londonderry)

·         Rep. Mike Kappler (R-Raymond)

·         Rep. Warren Groen (R-Rochester)

·         Rep. Spec Bowers (R-Georges Mills)

·         Rep. Tom Keane (R-Bow)

·         Rep. John Hikel (R-Goffstown)

·         Rep. Frank McCarthy (R-Conway)

·         Rep. David Bates (R-Windham)

·         Rep. Moe Villeneuve (R-Bedford)

·         Rep. Elaine Swinford (R-Center Barnstead)

·         Rep. Randall Brownrigg (R-Hudson)

·         Rep. Edmond Gionet (R-Lincoln)

Gov. Mitt Romney announced he had gained the support of nine state representatives last week.

“Gov. Perry has the strongest record of any candidate in the race of creating an environment ripe for job growth. While Obama has raisedtaxes and uncertainty, Gov. Perry has balanced budgets, signed aggressive tort reform, and worked to keep job-killing burdens off of employers,” said Rep. Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack), a former supporter of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.  “Granite Staters know the country is on the wrong track. We need a candidate whose record can contrast clearly with the president’s, and Gov. Perry's record of leadership can put America on the right track and Americans back to work.”

These endorsements follow previous announcements of support for Gov. Perry by former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey; former U.S. Congressman Chuck Douglas; and 2010 GOP Gubernatorial nominee

John Stephen.

“We are honored to have the support of these men and women who represent and understand the sentiments of voters across the state,” said Paul Young, a senior advisor to the Perry campaign in New Hampshire. “They know that people want more jobs and economic prosperity, less taxes and government interference, and they recognize that Gov. Perry can deliver on that promise.”

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