Bass For Congress - One Week To The End Of The Quarter- Please Contribute Today!

September 23, 2011

Dear Friend,

Since January, I have been working diligently to put New Hampshire and Our Country back on the right path by tightening Washington's belt and doing more with less just like every family in these tough economic times, but it is just the beginning. We must continue to work hard to strengthen our economy by creating an environment for job growth. This is why I ask you to please contribute $25 or more today by clicking here!

Unfortunately, President Obama and many Democrats have a different plan as indicated recently when he proposed his “jobs bill”, paid for by you, the American Public. Instead of a pro-growth, pro-business approach, the President proposes $447 billion of more taxpayer spending as a follow up to the failed trillion dollar "stimulus" bill.

I have been traveling around our state meeting with business owners and constituents and it is clear that the last thing we need is more debt, more uncertainty and higher taxes. Instead, we need to continue to control spending, reduce unnecessary regulations and reform our tax code to get our economy working

Your support in the past has been overwhelming and deeply appreciated, but I need your help now.

I ask that you stand with me against the bailouts, against mortgaging our children’s future and against anymore tax increases on American families. The third quarter ends Friday, Sept. 30th. Please consider visiting and contributing $25, $50, $100 or more today!

Thanks again for your continued generosity and friendship!

P.S.- Do you want to attend Monday Night's NHGOP Fundraiser with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell but don't have a ticket? Email Brad Blais today at to join me as my guest! (Limited Number of Tickets) _______________________________________