CEI Daily - Class Warfare and the Regulation of the Day

Class Warfare


Some are calling Obama's proposals to hike taxes on the rich a form of class warfare.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader responds.


"Even plundering the rich of all their income wouldn’t be enough to plug Obama’s skyrocketing deficits [...] This is not the only kind of class warfare Obama engages in. He also forces middle-class taxpayers to foot the bill for corporate welfare for politically-connected cronies like the owners of Solyndra. Solyndra is the bankrupt solar manufacturer that recently went under, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, after it received preferential treatment in the form of $535 million in federal loan guarantees under the stimulus package."





Regulation of the Day


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young presents another "regulation of the day"---planking.


"Planking is an odd, odd trend. Plankers are people who pose for pictures by lying face down on the ground in unusual places, stiff as a plank of wood; hence the name. It isn’t clear how the fad started, but a quick Google image search for “planking” will give results of people planking everywhere from a swimming pool to a camel’s back to the spare tire on the back of an SUV."