NRSC - Disaster down time?

I quickly wanted to inform you about the latest Harry Reid move that is sure to make your blood boil…

With thousands of Americans across the country desperately needing disaster relief funds in the wake of devastating hurricanes, tornados, floods, wildfires and earthquakes, Harry Reid and his gang of liberal elites blocked a bill to provide immediate disaster relief assistance, while averting a government shutdown next week. 

This despite these very same Democrat leaders claiming that FEMA “could run out of money as soon as Monday.”

Worse yet - instead of staying in Washington and working through the weekend to address this crisis, Harry Reid and his Senate Democrats are skipping town until Monday, because Harry needs a “cooling-off period.”

So while families all across this country suffer through the devastation, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are going to “cool-off” and abandon their responsibilities.

We expect Harry Reid to put politics ahead of his duty to produce a budget and pass a jobs plan, but to do it at the expense of devastated families is shameful and an embarrassment to every member of the United States Senate.

Please join our petition calling on Harry Reid to immediately call the Senate back into session and pass a bill to provide desperately needed relief to devastated families.

Thank you,
Rob Jesmer
NRSC Executive Director

P.S. – We are hoping for 10,000 petition signatures by midnight tonight. Will you join us in calling on Harry Reid to forgo his “cooling-off period” to help devastated families?