NHDP - Guinta on Fundraising Scandal: It Wasn't Me

Concord, NH - Yesterday, Congressman Frank Guinta denied widely reported accounts that he had solicited the Republican Governor's Association for a $100,000.00 campaign contribution to the Republican State Committee, in excess of campaign finance limits.  [Union Leader, 9/26/2011  Federal law prohibits candidates for federal office from soliciting non-permissible federal donors, and limits the maximum amount of all contributions far below $100,000.00.


"If this report is wrong, why did Congressman Guinta wait an entire month to correct it?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Guinta's latest feeble excuse sounds no better than the pathetic one he offered after fleeing a bar fight before the police arrived."  


On August 26, 2011, the Union Leader reported that Guinta had solicited the RGA to "to get up to $100,000" for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee but had been turned down. The Union Leader continued that according to Guinta, the RGA refused, because under then-Chair Jack Kimball the NHGOP was being "so badly run." [Union Leader, 8/26/2011]  


WMUR also reported that according to "several sources with direct knowledge of the events" Guinta said "the Republican Governor's Association would give $100,000 to the state party, but not as long as Kimball was there." [WMUR, 8/27/2011]  Both WMUR and the Union Leader reported that Senator Kelly Ayotte, Congressman Bass, Senate President Bragdon, and Speaker Bill O'Brien all had knowledge of Guinta's solicitation to the RGA from a conference call.  According to the Union Leader, a source "familiar" with the call also attended a meeting at Jack Kimball's office. The only individuals reported as having attended that meeting are Speaker Bill O'Brien, former GOP chair Jack Kimball, former Republican congressional candidate Jennifer Horn, and radio personality and Republican activist Jeff Chidester. 


"It is time for Congressmen Guinta and Bass, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Speaker Bill O'Brien and Senate President Bragdon to come clean about what really happened," continued Kirstein.  "Calling themselves the five families, a reference to violent organized crime is one thing, but now they are refusing to be honest about a potential violation of federal law."