Manchester, NH – Since its release on Wednesday, Governor Jon Huntsman’s “Time to Compete” jobs plan has garnered wide acclaim. Here’s what they’re saying…

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Huntsman's Good Economic Plan: “Mr. Huntsman's proposal is as impressive as any to date in the GOP Presidential field, and certainly better than what we've seen from the front-runners.” And, “Perhaps Mr. Huntsman should be asked to give the Republican response to the President's jobs speech next week. The two views of what makes an economy grow could not be more different.”

Reuters’ James Pethokoukis: “At first glance, this looks like perhaps the most pro-growth, pro-market (and anti-crony capitalist) tax plan put forward by a major U.S. president candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1980.”

The State’s Cindi Ross Scoppe: “And unless or until someone else with his values enters the race, or he sells his soul in a vain attempt to woo tea party voters, that makes him [Governor Huntsman] the most important candidate in the 2012 presidential field. Not because he has the perfect plan to revive our economy or tackle the disturbingly large federal deficit and debt or cure any of the other ills of a nation that has lost its way, but because of the vital values that he represents: pragmatism and honor and old-fashioned decency.”

The Washington Examiner’s Joel Gehrke: “Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman succeeded today where President Obama has so far failed this year by giving a speech on a jobs while also providing adetailed summary of that plan.” (Joel Gehrke, “Huntsman One-Ups Obama On Jobs.”

The Christian Science Monitor’s Joshua Brown: “Huntsman was the first GOP candidate to actually unveil a jobs plan (this morning), which is a step in the right direction in my book as it is the single most important thing we should be talking about in terms of 2012.”

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros: “I like his [Gov. Huntsman’s] jobs plan. I think he drastically reforms the tax code. I like the rates. I like the numbers. I like that he eliminates the AMT and capital gains.”

Red State’s Erick Erikson: “Ambassador/Governor Huntsman has released his plan to jump start the economy. It is really good. It sets a much higher bar for the GOP than the other candidates. In fact, I dare say the other candidates are on notice that Huntsman’s plan should be their benchmark.”

WATCH Governor Huntsman on “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren” last night.

Here’s what people are saying around New Hampshire:

From the Union Leader: “He brings a unique blend of experience and expertise," New England Council President Jim Brett said of Huntsman. “He's also probably the only presidential candidate who rides a motorcycle, plays guitar and speaks Mandarin.”

From NPR: “There are a lot of John McCain-like qualities to his message, in that sort of, ‘I'm the grown-up, I'm the truth-teller. I'm not going to pander to you, I'm not going to tell you just what you want to hear,’” said former New Hampshire GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen. “I think he's ideologically positioned in the sweet spot of the electorate here," he said. “I think he still needs to become better known. But he's not the angry candidate. And I've seen lots of candidates come through here this year who are trying to appeal to the bright, shiny object which is the Tea Party. But registered independents will outnumber self-identified Tea Partiers come primary day.”

Bedford Patch’s Ryan O’Connor: “His speech, after all, painted his vision for America's future, preaching bipartisanship while veering away from the finger-pointing that has become common ground among many of his GOP competitors.”

“I thought he was a very knowledgeable candidate. He's very presidential,” said St. Anselm sophomore Zach Gregoric. “He seems very fitting for the position he's applying for.”

Concord Monitor Editorial:  "In a field crowded with chest-beaters and doomsayers, Huntsman stands out for his calm and relentlessly positive demeanor and his reluctance to attack his opponents. He is confident but not cocky, a doer not a boaster. Huntsman, who unveiled his jobs plan on Wednesday, knows voters want to hear what candidates would do to put the 16 million unemployed and underemployed Americans back to work. They also care about health care, whether they will have it and whether they will keep it."

The plan has four main components: tax reform, regulatory reform, energy independence and free trade. To read the whole plan CLICK HERE.

For more information on Governor Huntsman’s candidacy, please visit JonHuntsman.com.