NH Sen Odell: "Overall, revenues are holding their own against the very conservative estimates..."

In his Sep. 4, 2011 column on Sunacom.com, NH Senator Bob Odell writes:

"Overall, revenues are holding their own against the very conservative estimates in the current budget."

"The restaurant business particularly, and the overall tourism industry generally, are important economic sectors in our state's economy." "Overall revenue from this tax was $50.2 million for July and August or $1.7 million (3.5 percent) over last year."

"Real estate transactions are an important indicator of the vitality of the economy." "...[we are] $1 million ahead of last year when we were getting real estate tax income during the phase-out period of the First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit.

"...advocates believe that to prevent fraud, voters should have a government issued photo ID with them to lessen chances of someone impersonating another person..." "...a real issue, in my opinion, [is] protecting the secrecy of a person's vote. If a voter forgets to bring his or her ID with them on election day, they can cast a provisional ballot, and that is stored separately from the other ballots cast."