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RGGI Market Down as NH Senate consider Repeal


As the New Hampshire Senate convenes to consider overriding the Governor's veto of a bill pulling the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a new report shows that the secondary RGGI market is crashing.

Following June's massive falloff in demand, New Hampshire Watchdog reports that trading under the cap and trade compact is also slowing down.  Weak RGGI demand could cut New Hampshire revenues which RGGI supporters counted on to help sell the program in 2008.

Read the full story at New Hampshire Watchdog.

How is NH spending your money?

The Josiah Bartlett Center is providing unprecedented insight into how New Hampshire is spending your money.  Through our searchable online database, NH Open Gov, we're providing access to every check that the State of New Hampshire writes.  We're updating the database all the time, and we're currently adding Fiscal Year 2010 and 2011 transactions.

Check out the ability to search for specific spending.  Maybe you'll uncover a way to save us all millions.

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Political Traffic Jam at the Toll Booth

In the Concord Monitor, Grant Bosse explains what's holding up the nomination of Christopher Clement to take over at the Department of Transportation, and explores the prospects for building a toll booth on I-93 in Salem.

Read the full story here.

Romney leans on business experience in NH

We continue to provide unmatched, in-depth coverage of New Hampshire's First in the Nation Primary.  On Labor Day, Grant Bosse interviewed Governor Mitt Romney about his relationship to the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann's decision to skip New Hampshire.

We also have exclusive video from Mitt and Ann Romney's speech following a pancake breakfast at the Derryfield in Manchester.

Here the interview and watch the speech for yourself by clicking on this picture..

Save the Date- November 2nd!

On November 2nd, the Josiah Bartlett Center will host our First Annual Dinner, paying tribute to Governor John H. Sununu.  We hope you can join us at the Grappone Center in Concord.  Details to come.  In the meantime, please support the Josiah Bartlett Center.  We need your donations to keep doing our work as the only free-market think tank in New Hampshire.