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"GOP 2012: Chasing the Tea Party"

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A town-owned processing plant is part of the free-enterprise business plan of Palin's Seabrook Fishermen's Coop.bit.ly/qm3gYN #fitn
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This Week's NH #FITN News & Headlines


Associated Press: Tea Party bulling its way into 2012 GOP race, "...the tea party is shaping the race for the GOP presidential nomination as candidates parrot the movement's language and promote its agenda while jostling to win its favor."
Concord Monitor: Taking the Tea Party's temperature
Nashua Telegraph: NH voters aren't sold on anyone yet
Concord Monitor: Where is Bachmann?
Union Leader: Romney meets with Tea Party Express in Concord  
Concord Monitor: Paul's preaching to the choir 
State News & Views


Portsmouth Herald: Tuesday's District 14 special House election could have state impact 

Nashua Telegraph editorial: Don't hold breath for GOP group hug

Keene Sentinel editorial: GOP Difference, "...Cantor and his colleagues stomp their feet in opposition to letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire - because (horrors!) that would amount to a tax increase - but they say that's different from letting President Obama's payroll tax cut for wage earners expire at the end of this year. Huh?"

Portsmouth Herald editorial: A not-so-happy Labor Day, "In New Hampshire and Maine we see the historic drama playing out in the battle over the so-called Right to Work legislation, which, as constituted in both states, would effectively destroy collective bargaining."

Nashua Telegraph: National jobless data does not reflect NH picture, economist says

WMUR: Jack Kimball Resigns As NH GOP Chairman


New Hampshire Democrats Respond

Ray Buckley oped: Standing up for N.H. working men and women

Senator Burling to Ron Paul: Tour Irene's damage, see FEMA first hand
NHDP Statement: Ray Buckley on Mitt Romney's 'official' Tea Party debut