NH GOP - Ann McLane Kuster Calls for Increased Spending Ahead of Obama's Speech

Democrat Congressional Candidate Proves Just How Out of Touch She Is

Concord, NH – In an email to supporters today, 2nd District Democrat Congressional Candidate Ann McLane Kuster urged the President to call for even more borrowing and spending as he prepares for yet another speech on jobs.  After supporting her party's failed trillion dollar stimulus bill and government-run health care, Kuster is once again calling for a new round of spending to boost the economy.

“Ann McLane Kuster is looking to Washington, and specifically for the President tonight, to call for more spending on the same programs the stimulus package was supposed to go to.  The stimulus didn’t work to rejuvenate our economy the first time.  Another version under a different title will have the same failing effects, while piling up even more debt for our grandchildren to repay,” said NH State Republican Party Chairman Wayne MacDonald.

MacDonald continued, “Moreover, to minimize the importance of efforts to curb spending and reduce our deficit by referring to the significant efforts on the debt ceiling as a “political distraction” demonstrates once again, that Kuster is out of touch.  Not only out of touch with the people who have called for fiscal responsibility, but out of touch with the reality that the first round of stimulus spending didn't work and failed to put people back to work."