NewtHampshire - Election Day, Night


Vote for Newt and volunteer today. Celebrate tonight!

Keep going.

Get started.

Finish strong.

Make history.

Come to campaign headquarters, 968 Elm Street, Manchester to find where and how you can be the greatest help. Come now! Even today, we can put brand-new volunteers to work.

Send us photos, videos, and email messages about your volunteer work out in the field throughout the state.

After your patriotic service up through the close of polls, celebrate all we have accomplished with Newt.

YOU Are Invited
to the
Newt 2012 NH Election Night Party
Tuesday, January 10, 7:30pm
Radisson Hotel (Center of New Hampshire)
700 Elm Street, Manchester
***Live band***

With Newt TODAY, tonight, and tomorrow,


P.S. Granite Staters ready for jobs and economic growth have gotten the message: Vote for the Reagan conservative to defeat Barack Obama. Vote for Newt Gingrich.