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South Carolina, Florida, and New England

As you read this, Newt is campaigning hard to win in South Carolina. Then it will be on to Florida.

Other New England states are early in the process, and we have heard from a number of you that you would like to help.

Contact everyone you know in South Carolina and Florida and make known your willingness to volunteer in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, or Rhode Island in the Comments section of

We still need you in New Hampshire, and not just for the general election.

We are working to collect all lawn signs by Friday, 6pm. Collect signs, drop off at 968 Elm Street, Manchester, and contact Bob Burns at, (603) 801-0349 to coordinate. Be a good neighbor by cleaning up. Some of the signs will make their way on to South Carolina, some will wind up in other New England states. So you’ll also be a part of our visibility and success as Newt marches on.

You did a fine job in the First in the Nation primary. Next we spread our message of solutions and conservative leadership in the South and look forward to our neighboring New England states.

Thank you, New Hampshire.