NH GOP - Councilor Patten’s Actions Warrant Serious Review

An “Agitated” Patten Contacted Police to “Fix” Ticket, Threatens to Go Around Officer & Call His Boss

Concord, NH – As reported by the Concord Monitor this week, City Councilor Dick Patten’s actions to try and “fix” a traffic violation raise serious questions about integrity and should receive an immediate review by his supervisors.  Patten, who also serves as a Democrat State Representative, “called Officer Christian Lovejoy on Dec. 13, identified himself as a city councilor and asked Lovejoy why he gave 25-year-old Tyler Martel of Concord a summons for a wrong turn. . . . Patten then asked Lovejoy twice why he did not issue Martel a warning instead. Lovejoy told Patten he did not believe a warning would be sufficient to change Martel's behavior, according to Lovejoy's summary of the call.

“The fact that Councilor Patten called a police officer, used his official title and threatened to contact the officer’s supervisor all raise serious questions,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald.  “I’m glad this is being reviewed because law enforcement’s role must be respected by everyone.”

From the Concord Monitor: “Mayor Jim Bouley last night asked city councilors to consider whether Councilor Dick Patten violated the city charter by questioning a police officer about a traffic ticket the officer had issued to a friend of Patten's. Patten had suggested he would go to the officer's supervisor when he did not get the answer he wanted, according to the police. The city charter prohibits a councilor from ‘interfering’ with city work and allows for the suspension or removal of a councilor who violates the rule. Bouley has asked the council's rules committee to look into Patten's conduct, decide whether it violates the charter and, if it does, suggest how the council should proceed.” (Annmarie Timmins, Concord Monitor, 1/10/2012)