Anita MonCrief: Send Me to Stop Obama's Stolen Election

You stood with me once before, and now I need you to stand with me again.

On the eve of the primary in South Carolina, the Obama administration is invalidating a law requiring voters in South Carolina to present photo ID. Naturally, Attorney General Eric Holder invoked the race card to justify his stance -- fortunately, South Carolina Governor Niki Haley is promising to fight back.  The need for this sort of law couldn't be any clearer, with voter fraud taking place just the other day in New Hampshire's primary!  I have been vocal in pointing out that ACORN is back and involved in these efforts, certainly opposing these laws due to its well-established record of promoting voter fraud.

The Obama administration and liberal groups are standing in the way of meaningful reform to prevent voter fraud -- all under the guise of "preventing racism."  Obviously, these individuals and groups don't want to prevent fraud because, very simply, it benefits them in elections!

After a successful rally in Austin, TX, I am hosting another rally in SC on January 20, where I'm asking attendees to wave their photo ID's and prevent those who wish to divide us from using the race card.  I need your help to join the fight against these racist attacks to help combat the voter fraud being perpetrated by liberal groups like ACORN!  Your donation to my cause will allow me to continue hosting these rallies and travel the country to bring attention to this critical issue.  I needs to raise $1,000 to support the travel and lodging costs of the activists attending the rally.

Conservatives already face major challenges to win in 2012, and liberal efforts to subvert Voter ID laws and promote voter fraud will make it even harder to achieve victory.  Will you donate $100, $50, or $25 to my efforts to enforce and grow Voter ID laws?

Donors, I will send you exclusive footage and backstage pictures if we can meet this goal of $1,000 in the next 72 hours.

Together, we will continue to fight to elect good conservatives and defeat Barack Obama and his cronies' liberal agendas in 2012 and beyond!

Keep up the fight,

Anita MonCrief