Karger Beats Bachmann in New Hampshire Primary

Karger Beats Bachmann in NH Primary
by 138 Votes!!!

Early Reports Incorrect -- Politico Gets it Right!

Politico's Ken Vogel broke the story at 2:33 am today with this tweet:

Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel)
1/12/12 2:33 AM
After neck-&-neck NH primary night, openly gay candidate @FredKarger beats pray-away-the-gay candidate Michele Bachmann 485 to 347*.

*actual numbers

New York Times has it Wrong - Still Trying for Correction

According to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Office, I beat Michelle Bachmann 485 to 347 (instead of Bachmann beating me) with a 40% vote margin.

It was reported early yesterday on the NY Times website that I lost to Bachmann by 3 votes (349 to 346) after running neck and neck with her all night (we’ve asked for a correction).  Visit  http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/primaries/states/new-hampshire  and click on "others".

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner's Office confirmed it late yesterday.  The official results can be found on the Secretary of State's Web Site.

Fred Karger's statement:

"Congresswoman Bachmann was in 12 national debates, raised $10 to $12 million, received massive news coverage, has huge name ID and we beat her in New Hampshire.  She and I had been tied in several recent NH polls.  Early last month I said that I wanted to beat Santorum or Bachmann in New Hampshire.  It's a big win for me."

“Now, it's off to Michigan for its Primary next month.  There are only seven Republicans still in the running on that ballot and am sure there will be a few less after South Carolina and Florida.  I will be competing in Michigan Primary no matter what.”

If you have any friends, contacts or ideas as we relocate our campaign operation to the “Great Lakes State,” please let us know.  Or better yet, come to Michigan and help us!

Lots of Volunteers in New Hampshire Last Week

Thanks to all the volunteers who filled the New Hampshire White House last week and worked nonstop, and a special thank you to the literally hundreds of volunteers throughout New Hampshire that opened up their homes and their hearts to help us the past two years.  

We were busy campaigning all over the "Granite State" - from Dixville Notch to Nashua and from Keene to the Seacoast. 

Visit our facebook page and www.fredkarger.com for coverage and photos.

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Presidential Primary Election
January 10, 2012
President of the United States - REPUBLICAN


For link to New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Web Site and Results:  CLICK HERE


Belknap  26

Carroll  20

Cheshire   25

Coos   6

Grafton   31

Hillsborough   80

Merrimack   34

Rockingham   82

Strafford   33

Sullivan   10

Total Votes  347


Belknap  6

Carroll   11

Cheshire   22

Coos  5

Grafton   27

Hillsborough   252

Merrimack   52

Rockingham   72

Strafford   28

Sullivan   10

Total Votes  485