NH GOP - Gov. Lynch's "Effective" Election Laws

Good Morning,

As you cover the reports of voter fraud in New Hampshire, an issue which has triggered “a comprehensive review of state voting procedures after people obtained ballots of dead voters,” keep in mind this statement from Governor John Lynch last year when he vetoed a bill that would have toughened NH’s laws:

“There is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire.  We already have strong elections laws that are effective in regulating our election.” (Dan Touhy, Merrimack Patch, 1/12/2012)

This is another glaring example of the lack of leadership by Governor Lynch.  As Governor, he should be more outraged than anyone that voter fraud is definitely possible in New Hampshire, as shown by these recent attempts.  Republicans have consistently fought for laws protecting the voting process here in New Hampshire and continue to do so this session.  As more information becomes available, New Hampshire citizens will see where Governor Lynch and his loyal Democrat allies in the legislature set their priorities: Will they finally admit this is a problem and our current laws are not “effective”?  Instead of deflecting the attention, Governor Lynch should finally show some leadership.

Questions for the Governor and his Democrat colleagues who continue to oppose laws that would strengthen New Hampshire’s laws

  1. Does the Governor still believe there is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire?
  2. Does the Governor still believe that current laws are effective?
  3. Do Democrats in the state legislature agree with the Governor that the status quo is sufficient?

In case you missed it: To read New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald’s statement on this issue and how it underscores the need for voter ID laws, click here.