RNC - New Hampshire Trending In Wrong Direction For Obama

All – couple quick things today.  I wanted to make sure you caught this clip on MSNBC talking about how poorly Obama did in New Hampshire and the clear enthusiasm gap between Republicans, who are ready for real change, and Democrats who are tired of broken promises and failed economic policies.


WATCH:  New Hampshire Trending In Wrong Direction For Obama


(MSNBC’s “Daily Run Down,” 1/13/12)

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: “Jamal, there was one other development this week that we have pointed out but it’s gone under the radar. The New Hampshire result in the Democratic primary. The turnout number that they drove, and, you know, Clinton got a much bigger number in '96. Even Bush got a slightly bigger number in '04. Does it only reinforce why New Hampshire has been moving – why it’s in the lean Republican category?”

Democrat Strategist Jamal Simmons: “Yea, look, its trending away. It is not good for the President. And I think that even when you talk to people on the campaign, they'll say New Hampshire will be a tough battle for them. They're not the kind of voters –”  (MSNBC’s “Daily Run Down,” 1/13/12)


Just 40 Percent Of NH Voters Approve Of Obama’s Job Performance, While 49 Percent Say They Disapprove

“Looking forward to the general election, 40 percent of those polled by NBC/Marist approve of the job that President Obama is doing, while 49 percent disapprove – a bad omen for the president in the Granite State.” (Felicia Sonmez, “Romney Leads By Double Digits In N.H.: NBC/Marist Poll,” The Washington Post, 1/6/12)


Obama Falls Short In New Hampshire Primary

“Gardner said that 60,996 voted in the Democratic primary, far short of the 75,000 he had predicted. Of those, 49,480, or 81 percent voted for President Barack Obama. He noted that in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for reelection uncontested, there were about 93,000 votes cast in the Democratic primary, which was 82 percent of the votes cast.” (John DiStaso, “Primary set record for GOP turnout,” Union Leader, 1/12/2012)