New Hampshire Democrats Elect 18 Delegates to National Convention

Concord, NH - More than 500 enthusiastic New Hampshire Democrats showed up on a wintry morning to support President Obama and chose delegates to represent them at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Of the 18 delegates elected this morning, 13 will be first time delegates to the national convention. 

"We are proud of the strong and enthusiastic turnout we had at today's caucuses supporting President Obama," said Ray Buckley Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

In addition to the 18 delegates elected this morning, 10 more New Hampshire delegates to the national convention will be selected on April 28th.  In accordance with Democratic values, and using recent Census data, the New Hampshire Democratic Party set Affirmative Action Goals for its convention delegation.  As with the past five convention delegations, those goals were met today with the delegates chosen today representing many diverse and historically underrepresented groups.

Individuals with questions about the New Hampshire Democratic Party's 2012 Convention Delegate Selection Plan can be directed to Sean Doyle at

A full copy of the Delegate Selection Plan can be downloaded here.  The full list of the delegates selected this morning is below.

First Congressional District

Donna Soucy

Chris Pappas

Lenore Patton

Mike Rollo

Mariann White

Garth Corriveau

Dorothy Solomon

Richard Komi

Carol Croteau


Second Congressional District

Erin Feltes

Nan Stearns

Claire Helfman

Patricia Lee

Paul Hodes

Ned Helms

Alejandro Urrutia

Ricardo Rodriguez

Trevor Chandler