New Commerce and Visitors Center Promotes Londonderry, New Hampshire

LONDONDERRY, NH - Visitors and residents in the Londonderry area can now
access an abundance of material regarding tourist attractions,
businesses and school and town information, through the Londonderry
Commerce and Visitors Center. The launch of the Commerce Center's new
interactive website,, took place on Thursday,
January, 19 2012 and will enable visitors, potential homebuyers,
businesses, and even residents to learn more about the Southern New
Hampshire town.

"We're very excited for the launch of the new Commerce and Visitors
Center here in Londonderry," said Steve Young, Co-Founder of the Center.
"The Center's website is designed to help both visitors and local
businesses. Visitors bring business, and businesses bring visitors.
We're here to provide guidance to both, because here in Londonderry,
'Business is Good. Life is Better!'"

Visitors can also find information about each of the town's farms, sugar
house, arts and entertainment venues, annual events, places to shop, eat
and stay, museums and outdoor recreation facilities. Visitors to the
website can also expect to find information regarding the community,
from school and business profiles, to real estate agents, church
locations and banking facilities.

"We wanted to create a website that incorporated everything that is so
wonderful about our town, and make it available to anyone interested in
learning more," explained Kathy Wagner, Co-Founder of the Commerce and
Visitors Center. "Londonderry has so much to offer, and we felt we
needed to get the word out. Now, visitors can learn anything and
everything about Londonderry without feeling frustrated and spending
hours on the web."

"The launch of the Center's new website has really been a long time
coming. We started live testing around strawberry season last June, and
since then we have received a number of calls and emails from people
interested in Londonderry," added Jacklynn Woodruff, Office Manager at
the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center. "We wanted to be sure all
business and tourist information was accurate and that we were including
as much as possible about Londonderry before announcing the official
launch. Even now, we are always adding new information to help visitors
and locals navigate our town."

Features of the new website include live chat with the Center's staff,
or the option to email or call the Center with questions. Website posts
are published nearly daily, updating readers on the town's weekly events
and happenings. The Center also has Twitter and Facebook accounts,
enabling visitors and businesses to keep in touch through social

To learn more, please visit