Andy Martin to attend "College Convention 2012" sponsored by New England College

Andy Martin will attend New England College’s “College Convention 2012” in Concord, NH January 3-6

Andy slams candidates “groveling to Iowa ayatollahs”

Andy says today’s young people are being betrayed by both the “left” and the "right”

Andy says so-called “conservative” presidential candidate Ron Paul is really a snake-oil salesman who is attracting support from students and grads based on a totally delusional world view

“The Republican Party cannot abandon the future, and the party cannot abandon future generations,” Andy says. “I am working to broaden the party’s base beyond K Street Washington lobbyists and Wall Street bankers”

Andy says Ron Paul’s “endorsement” by White Supremacist David Duke, and Paul’s silence, says everything about who Paul is and what he represents

Andy swipes at Apple Inc. for building its ipods and ipads with slave labor in China, not with American workers in the USA

Andy says Democrats and Republicans, Bush and Obama, have  betrayed America

(NEW YORK) (December 31, 2011) Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will attend New England College’s “College Convention 2012” which will be held in Concord, New Hampshire January 3-6 at the Grappone Center. In Illinois Andy is known as an electrifying speaker who can rouse the crowds.

“A terrible thing is happening America today,” Andy says. “Young people are losing hope. Some young people and young grads have gravitated to the ‘Occupy’ movement. Others have been taken in by proto-fascist snake oil salesman and left-right presidential candidate Ron Paul. It’s a depressing prospect.

“I believe in broadening the base of the Republican Party, and I am firmly committed to outreach to all segments of society. I am the only presidential candidate who has been an urban educator, and taught at the City University of New York. My campaign is the only one headquartered in New York City. America cannot survive if our cities do not regenerate.

“The Republican Party must become committed to creating wealth and economic opportunity for everyone, not just the privileged few. Today Main Street in Illinois suffers while Wall Street and K Street profit.

“Young people need straight talk. They need to hear from a presidential candidate that has real world experience and is not a professional politician. Young people have real questions. I have real answers. They will not always like my views. But they will always get an honest opinion from someone who has decades of experience and is the most consistent conservative in the race.

“In 1968 an FBI background report told J. Edgar Hoover that I was a ‘conservative leader at the University of Illinois and opponent of the New Left.’ No one else can match my decades of conservatism and common sense.

“During the 2011 prelude to the 2012 primary I have been fighting to save 300 jobs in New Hampshire’s North Country at The Balsams hotel. The Balsams battle is continuing. I have exposed political shenanigans by the New Hampshire Attorney General and Governor.

“I am fighting to protect New Hampshire’s environment by seeking to block the Northern Pass high voltage transmission line. What other presidential candidate can show such current activity, and such concrete evidence of a commitment to the future? None of them.

“Four years ago young people were mesmerized by Barack Obama. He was a false god. He failed. Now it is time for Obama to step aside. He cannot save America. Obama’s killing of a few terrorists is not a calling card for reelection. America must be about more than killing. We must be about building and rebuilding, here at home.

“Ironically, on many issues I agree with Ron Paul about 90% of the way. But ultimately Paul is a confused old man who is attracting the support of confused young people. Ultimately Paul’s crackpot schemes are merely a front for his proto-Nazi handlers. Paul's most recent endorsement came from David Duke, the Louisiana White Supremacist. Paul said nothing. He remained silent. Silence is acceptance.

“I categorically reject Ron Paul’s racist and anti-Semitic views. I will not betray civil rights and I will not betray Israel.

“Can any Republican really say that a candidate who is endorsed by David Duke represents the future of America? If Paul and Duke represent the future, then America has no future. We are doomed.

“At the end of the day students need jobs. I will create jobs. It will be a wrenching process, but we can restart the jobs machine not within 100 days but within ten days of taking office. I will block imports made with slave labor in China or Central America.

“Are you listening Apple? Apple, Inc. should start building its products here at home, not in slave factories in China where young workers commit suicide due to the horrific working conditions. Apple Corporation has 80 billion dollars in the bank today. That cash was stolen from Chinese workers and American workers. Young people will have to bite the bullet and boycott Apple until Apple gets the message and rebuilds its manufacturing base here at home. There will be no double-talk or hypocrisy if I am in the White House.

“We will take America back to its economic roots. There will be no free trade without fair trade. Wall Streeters and K Streeters will no longer be able to profit by exporting Main Streeters' jobs.

“In order to save America, which confronts a vastly more complex and challenging world than the one in 1933 when Franklin Roosevelt took office, we are going to need a president who is granite tough. Not ‘plastic’ tough, granite tough.

“Since I was a law student at the University of Illinois I have proven that I am capable of fighting political and government and media corruption. I am tough enough to rescue this great nation from the mess that has been created by both Democrats and Republicans. I am a conservative, and I am proud to be a Republican. But first, last and always I am committed to the success of the United States of America and to the U. S. Constitution. I am committed to the success of every American, not just the few. I will work with people of good will in both parties and reject extremists in both parties.

“What we have been witnessing the past few days in the right-wing freak show in Iowa is a disgrace to democracy. If people want better, they have a presidential candidate who will appeal to their better and higher instincts. I am that candidate. It is one thing to be a conservative. I am a conservative. It is quite another to be a ‘conservative’ who grovels to the right-wing ayatollahs in Iowa that want to impose an Iranian-style theocracy over the American people. I stand for common sense conservatism. I stood up to corrupt influence peddler and Christian profiteer Ralph Reed. No other presidential candidate has had that courage.

“Unlike Barack Obama and my Republican presidential candidate colleagues, I grovel to no one. America will grovel to no one if I am in the White House. We will not do the kow’tow to China.

“We can make America great again, and we will. That is the message I will carry to College Convention 2012,” Andy says. “If young people want to tough it out, roll up their sleeves, and work their butts off, I am someone who can lead them back to the promised land of economic opportunity, personal freedom and national self-esteem. I’ve been a leader for over half a century. I will lead.

“Today I am new Hampshire’s Favorite Son candidate, due to my Granite State roots. In the January 10 presidential primary we can retake the Republican Party from the special interests, then defeat the Democrats. We can create free markets, economic opportunity and a system of government that still respects and cares for the aged and infirm. My life is a manifestation and proof of being Granite State tough. Now we need to get to work. Are the American people ready? Are young people ready?”

Andy Martin’s campaign “fighting camp” for the New Hampshire primary will be at the Courtyard by Marriott in Concord January 3rd through January 10th.