The Daily Newt: Man o’ Lakes, Tea Party Choice

Newt wins Lakes Region Tea Party straw poll for second straight month, final poll before NH Primary

This week, Newt Gingrich made the USA Today/Gallup Most Admired Man list—another accolade for a former Time Man of the Year.

Also this week, Newt demonstrated his Tea Party bona fides in New Hampshire. For the second straight month, Newt won the Lakes Region Tea Party straw poll, as reported in the Laconia Daily Sun. The Lakes Region Tea Party moderator, Tim Carter of Meredith, is with Newt. Josh Bartlett of Moultonborough is with Newt, “the most consistent conservative in the race.”

Jack Kimball, the statewide Tea Party and liberty movement leader, is with Newt and was not surprised by the straw poll results. “Newt is an attractive candidate for the Tea Party because of his broad conservative values such as small government, tax cuts, reduced spending, a strong and robust military, belief in our Constitutional values, a pro-life position, and reaffirmation of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He also understands the importance of creating an environment where small businesses can flourish.”

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