- Exclusive: New Jersey Prosecutors Employ 125 Double-Dipping "Retirees"

New Jersey Watchdog is reporting that county and state prosecutors in New Jersey employ 125 double-dipping “retired” law enforcement officers, a New Jersey Watchdog investigation revealed. 

The prosecutors’ double-dippers retired at an average age of 49 to collect both pension pay on top of their salaries.   The 125 employees include:

  • 56 retired municipal and county officers who work for county prosecutors;
  • 37 retired state police officers employed by county prosecutors;
  • Nine retired municipal and county officers on the payroll of the state Attorney General’s Division of Criminal Justice; and
  • 23 retired state officers who work as investigators and supervisors for DCJ and the Office of Attorney General, as first reported Dec. 6 by New Jersey Watchdog.

Collectively, they rake in $18.5 million a year — $8.6 million per year in retirement pay plus $9.9 million in salaries.  The average double-dipper currently receives nearly $148,000 per year — $79,000 in salary plus $69,000 in pension pay.

The story, along with New Jersey Watchdog’s list of  “retired” officers working for prosecutors, is available by clicking here.  

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