Cornerstone Action Applauds the Passage of HB 228 Which Will Stop the Flow of NH Taxpayer Dollars to Abortion Providers

A bill that will end the practice of sending NH taxpayer dollars to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

CONCORD - Cornerstone thanks the New Hampshire House for adopting HB 228. We are especially grateful to Rep. Warren Groen (R-Rochester) for his courageous leadership on this bill. A majority of House members have made the common-sense declaration that no NH resident should be compelled to subsidize abortion providers. This is entirely consistent with Roe v. Wade. The bill respects the conscience rights of everyone in NH who opposes abortion, while leaving abortion rights intact.

When NH's financial resources are stretched so thin, this is hardly the time to send state money to agencies that have enough money to provide abortions as well as health care to their patients. Abortion providers have the choice between doing business without state involvement, or of establishing separate businesses to keep abortion segregated from health care. This has worked in Texas and would work in NH.

The principal abortion provider in our state, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE), has objected to the loss of state funds for family planning services at the same time it is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and "public policy" work. If PPNNE chooses to put marketing above health care, that is their business decision. Let them make it without the support, direct or indirect, of NH taxpayers.