NHDP - Nine to Five: While New Hampshire Works, House Republicans Attack New Hampshire Workers

Concord, NH - Today, while thousands of New Hampshire families and small business owners are at work, House Republicans will be holding hearings on more than half a dozen bills attacking workers and worker rights.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on the reckless legislation being debated by Republicans on the House Labor Committee. 


"While the men and women of New Hampshire are at work today, the reckless O'Brien - Bettencourt legislature in Concord will be debating more than half a dozen bills attacking those hard working individuals. Republican House Bills 1163, 1206, 1174, 1237, 1570, 1645, and 1663 continue this legislature's unprecedented attack against New Hampshire workers.  They would force New Hampshire to join the so-called right to work states, unfairly single out union employees, and allow the legislature to interfere in employer - employee negotiations.


"Time and time again the Republican Tea Partiers in Concord have abandoned any thoughts of focusing on job creation and economic growth.  Instead their agenda has been a laser like focus aimed at eliminating; health care for women, good paying New Hampshire jobs, voting rights, and our well educated work force."