Smart Girl Politics - National School Choice Week Press Conference - Monday, January 23, 10 am at the LOB, Concord

National School Choice Week – Support HB 1607, SB 372 & Our NH Legislators

Concord, NH – January 22-28, 2012 is National School Choice Week during which families and organizations across the country focus on improving access for all students to schools that best meet their educational needs, not just those located within their own municipal boundary.

At Smart Girl Politics, we believe we can “absolutely provide every child in this nation a world-class education, which will achieve far better results than our current system.  But we need fresh, creative and innovation solutions designed and implemented at the state and local level. We do not need the Federal Government mandating a one-size-fits-all curriculum. We do not need more money, we have more than enough to do a far better job than we are doing. The answer is to empower teachers, families and communities to develop and implement creative and innovative education choices and solutions for the new century.”

And in New Hampshire, we are fortunate to have state legislators who believe and support these ideas.  House Bill 1607, and its Senate companion, SB 372, will be introduced on January 23rd into the House Ways and Means, and January 24th into the Senate Education committees, respectively.  Both would provide a tax credit for businesses that donate to educational scholarship funds and “Allow maximum freedom to parents and independent schools to respond to and, without governmental control, provide for the educational needs of children.”

D.J. Bettencourt, New Hampshire House Majority Leader, prime sponsor of the House bill and a co-sponsor of SB 372, says the “New Hampshire House Republican leadership is committed to advancing policies that achieve reform and a greater degree of competition in education. We are dedicated to achieving education excellence. For these reasons, we sponsored and will work hard to pass HB1607.”

Senator Jim Forsythe, NH District 4, prime sponsor of the Senate bill and a co-sponsor of the House  bill, says "Education tax credits modeled on the best practices of other states, with numerous studies to support its effectiveness, will provide to the disadvantaged families in NH what wealthy families already have - choice on how to best to educate their children.  The competition that comes with choice has been demonstrated to improve the quality of education not only for those receiving the scholarships, but also for those who remain enrolled in their local public schools."

The public is invited to join Smart Girl Politics NH, Ovide Lamontage, Kevin Smith, Charlie Arlinghaus and others on Monday, January 23, at 10 a.m. at the Legislative Office Building in Concord to support National School Choice Week, HB 1607, SB 372 and our New Hampshire legislators.


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