Gary Johnson will be a major factor in November

Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Ancient history about Newt Gingrich. Rick Santorum’s sweater vests.

Who cares?

The news media and the candidates themselves are making the Republican presidential primary look more like a game show than a serious discussion about the future of this country. And the Democrats? Well, while all eyes are on the Republican soap opera, President Obama is busy taking care of his friends by killing the Keystone pipeline – a real shovel-ready project, and figuring out how to placate his Hollywood base now that a few tens of millions objected to their plan to censor the Internet.

In the meantime, while everyone is distracted with all these games, Congress and the White House are quietly increasing the nation’s debt limit by another $1.2 TRILLION. Give them credit; they came up with a plan that lets them vote against it and it will happen anyway. Is anyone surprised?

It is no wonder that a Washington Post - ABC News poll out today shows that 68% of Americans will “definitely vote for” or “consider voting for” a third party candidate.

And in this election, we are offering that 68% a very real choice.

While the national networks are obsessing over tax returns and wardrobes, this from the Punditty Project, a respected political commentary, in a piece titled “Developments in GOP Race indicate Gary Johnson will be a major factor in November”: “..with a demographically challenged Republican nominee now a certainty, regardless of who that nominee may be, Johnson’s Libertarian candidacy is certain to attract more attention as his name recognition grows. Shut out of most of the Republican debates through a combination of party indifference and sponsoring networks changing inclusion criteria in a way that almost seemed deliberately designed to exclude Johnson, the irony may be that Johnson will poll high enough by late summer to be included in nationally televised debates alongside Obama and the Republican nominee.

“Johnson is a seasoned debater who can hold his own with anyone. He will likely be the best-financed Libertarian candidate in the party’s history, so he should be able to maintain a national presence through television buys and other media outlets. At a time when more voters are identifying as independents than as Democrats or Republicans and 73 percent of American voters say they would consider a third-party presidential candidate, Johnson’s Libertarian bid ensures that disappointed Republicans, disillusioned Democrats and undecided independents won’t have to choose between Obama and an unelectable Republican.”

Punditty continues: “If the GOP nominee is Gingrich, Johnson will be seen as the voice of reason on social issues in addition to having a proven record on cutting spending as a governor. If Romney is the nominee, Johnson’s successful record as a small businessman turned two-term governor will contrast well with Romney’s record in business, which has already been branded “vulture capitalism” by Gingrich. And by running to the left of Obama on the aforementioned issues and others, Johnson will present an attractive choice to voters who would not agree with conservatives’ labeling of Obama as a liberal.”

You can read the entire article here – and you should. Gop developments indicate Gary Johnson will be a major factor in November

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