NHRFE Chair Sean Owen Responds to NOM Threats

CONCORD, NH – Sean Owen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC, released the following statement today in response to NOM President Brian Brown’s threat to fund primaries in New Hampshire against legislators who don’t vote with NOM’s unpopular narrow agenda.

“The National Organization for Marriage is desperate.  Offering a bounty for votes is a clear sign you are losing.  This effort to scare lawmakers into betraying their constituents, by signing on to bad legislation, will fail when voters go to the polls.  This is precisely why I started this PAC to stand up to this intimidation and protect those who defend liberty and the freedom to marry.”

“NOM’s intimidation tactics won’t work in New Hampshire. This vote isn’t an auction for the highest bidder, this is about what is right for New Hampshire and we will provide resources to protect the process and let our lawmakers work for the people they represent without fear of retaliation.”

“It is also shameful and disgusting that Brian Brown would brag about attempts to buy legislative races in New Hampshire in the 2010 election cycle and about defeating candidates for office who stand for individual freedom and liberty.”