Deputy NH House Speaker Announces Bid for Republican National Committeewoman

CONCORD – Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker (R-Greenland) today announced her run for the post of Republican National Committeewoman. An announcement from current Committeewoman Phyllis Woods that she would not seek reelection led to Tucker’s decision to seek the post for the open seat.

Deputy House Speaker Pamela Tucker

 “I’m running to be a representative of New Hampshire to the Republican National Committee to promote our unique status within the national elective process.  As part of the New Hampshire team, I would be a liaison between our New Hampshire GOP and the national committee.

“Promoting our state’s conservative values and interests at the local, state and national level compel my desire to serve. As National Committeewoman, I will fight diligently to protect the best interests of our state of which the first in the nation primary is a priority.

“I congratulate and thank Committeewoman Woods for all her efforts to promote Republican interests in the Granite State and for protecting the first in the nation primary. If elected I will continue with those same priorities. We in New Hampshire have perfected the art of retail politics and have a long and storied history of vetting presidential candidates.  Our passion for the process has earned us our place in line and it’s incredibly important those interests are protected nationally.”