- Stay Work Play and Governor Lynch Committed to Keeping 20-30 Year-Olds in NH

January 23, 2012 – Stay Work Play has partnered with New Hampshire Governor John Lynch and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to host an event on January 26th aimed at partnering with organizations throughout the state to help retain and attract 20-30 year olds and encourage them to stay work and play in New Hampshire. Governor Lynch has sent out invitations to more than 50 organizations throughout the state to help Stay Work Play build their Board of Advisors, a coalition made up of small and large businesses and other organizations throughout New Hampshire with a focus on retaining our young educated workforce.

"As Governor, my top priority remains giving businesses the tools they need to be successful and create jobs. But in order to fill those jobs, we need to ensure New Hampshire continues to have a highly skilled and educated workforce," Governor Lynch said. "Our young people are vital to the future of our workforce and our state's economy. That's why I encourage businesses and organizations from across New Hampshire to partnerwith Stay Work Play so that we can keep the creativity and talents of more of our young people here in New Hampshire."

New Hampshire has a tradition of producing a highly skilled and educated workforce but NH’s population and workforce are aging. Meanwhile, many New Hampshire high school students attend college outside of New Hampshire, and many New Hampshire college graduates leave the state to seekemployment. Stay Work Play’s goal is to keep New Hampshire in the minds of young people as they consider employment and lifestyle options. Securing a young workforce is vital to New Hampshire’s economy, and Stay Work Play is leading the way in an effort to make our state more attractive to young workers.

As Michael Skelton, Corporate Communications at Public Service of New Hampshire, said, "Ensuring New Hampshire's business community continues to grow and thrive in large part depends on avibrant workforce. By encouraging young workers to remain in New Hampshire,Stay Work Play plays an important role in building the workforce of tomorrow.”

Stay Work Play is proud to invite business and community leaders from all over New Hampshire to learn more about their efforts and discuss how business, education, and government leaders can work collaboratively to support ongoing economic, workforce, and community development. This event will help kick-off a new phase for Stay Work Play and help better bridge the needs of our business community with the needs of our student population who are currently looking beyond New Hampshire’s borders for professional opportunities.

“At Dyn we equate Stay Work Play to the 21st Century equivalent of a travel and tourism bureau - a necessary institution for generation X and millennials to stay and be attracted to the state,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of Dyn. “The old NH Advantage where we hope that the world educates our students and that they move back to NH is an obsolete theory. Stay Work Play has been, and will continue to be, instrumental in Dyn's growth and success as a great place to work."

Please note that this event is by invitation only, but to find out more about the Stay Work Play Board of Advisors including how your organization may get involved, please visit or contact Executive Director, Kate Luczko,, (603) 860-2245. Founding Stay Work Play Board of Advisors members include: Public Service of New Hampshire, University System of New Hampshire, New Hampshire College and University Council, New Hampshire Housing, Grappone Automotive Group, Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green, Campus Compact, New Hampshire Public Radio, Leadership New Hampshire, Plymouth State University, Cookson Stephens Corp, Dyn Inc. and Business New Hampshire Magazine.

About Stay Work Play: Stay Work Play is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2009 to build off the work of the 55% Initiative, an effort originally launched by the University System of New Hampshire to help encourage more college students to stay work and play in the state after graduation. The effort gained additional support through the work of the Governor’s Task Force on Young Worker Recruitment and Retention, which recommended the creation of an independent organization to lead an effort to serve younger workers in the state and create a web portal that could servetheir informational and networking needs. Additional information on the organization can be found on the website,