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5 Million Missing Jobs Haunt President Obama's 2012 State of the Union Address

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama will reportedly push for more green-energy subsidies at taxpayer expense in the name of job creation: “With a Solyndra-scandal-be-damned attitude, President Obama is expected to revive his push for new green fuel sources in Tuesday’s State of the Union address, claiming that they will boost jobs.”  But these impractical proposals are haunted by the utter failure of Obama’s existing green-energy programs to produce economically-viable jobs or fuel.

There are only 140,000 jobs in the renewable-energy sector, which illustrates the absurdity of Obama’s unrealistic 2008 promise “to create 5 million new green jobs.” Most of America’s existing green jobs predate the Obama Administration, which did not create them: “from 2003-2010, the rate of growth for clean jobs was 3.4 percent.”  By contrast, Obama wiped out 20,000 jobs recently just by blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline, and recent EPA rules will wipe out at least 800,000 more.>Read the full commentary on Examiner.com

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President Obama's State of the Union? Hyper-Regulated


Basically, the President cannot be expected to pledge to roll back government in any way whatsoever tonight, a stance that helps account for the state of our union. Even the easy targets like the Federal Communications Commission’s Internet “net neutrality” regulations, opposed in bipartisan fashion and never authorized by Congress, are safe.

At least the administration says it won’t regulate farm dust or something.

The January 24, 2012 State of the Union Address will highlight manufacturing—but not in the ways that involve stepping out of manufacturers’ way. There’ll be something about fairness and equality, and about rewarding hard work–but in ways that involve spending and redistribution rather than fostering the conditions of liberty so all may pursue them.>Read more at Forbes.com.

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Obama, Scientific Integrity, and the State of the Union


With the State of the Union coming up, I’ve been wondering whether, or how, President Obama might address the Plan B fiasco I blogged about here. After all, Obama has addressed science issues in his previous State of the Union addresses. And, in his inaugural address, he pledged to “restore science to its rightful place.” More importantly, he entered office promising the most transparent administration in history and vowing that, unlike previous administrations, he and his appointees would “not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings and conclusions” for political gain. But those promises were forgotten or ignored as soon as they were made.

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