Freedom Action State of the Union shows President Obama is still clueless about restoring economic growth

President Obama's Policies are the Biggest Obstacle to Restoring Prosperity and Creating Jobs


Washington, January 24, 2012--Freedom Action President Myron Ebell made the following statement about President Barack Obama's speech to Congress on the state of the Union:

After killing the Keystone Pipeline project last week, President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech provided further evidence that his policies are the biggest obstacle to restoring the United States economy to a path of long-term, robust growth. After three years, the President seems to have learned nothing from his mistakes. In particular, President Obama remains clueless about the disastrous impact of the long list of his policies and new EPA regulations that are raising energy prices and thereby making consumers poorer, scaring away investment, and killing jobs. On top of all of his regulations designed to raise energy prices, he now proposes to impose a "Clean Energy Standard" that will make gasoline and electricity even more expensive.

President Obama claimed in his speech to Congress that he approved fewer new regulations in the first three years of his term than did President George W. Bush in his first three years. While the Bush years were not an era of light-handed regulation, President Obama's statement is spectacularly false. The Obama Administration has finalized more than four times as many major regulations (those with an economic impact of more than $100 million annually) in its first three years as the Bush Administration did during its full eight years. The costs of President Obama's regulatory onslaught on the private sector are colossal. To get the economy going again, the Congress must halt and overturn the Obama Administration's avalanche of job-killing regulations.