NHDP - O'Brien Leadership Team Caught Misusing Taxpayer Money Again

NO'Brien's No Ethics Leadership Team Caught in the Act 


Concord, NH - This week, House Republican Leadership was again caught misusing taxpayer time and money for political purposes.  Speaker O'Brien's Deputy Speaker Pam Tucker declared her candidacy for RNC Committeewoman in a press release from an official State House email and distributed by a taxpayer funded staffer.


Under the "Prohibited Activities" section, the State House Ethics Guidelines clearly state "IV. Legislators shall not use state-provided services or facilities for private gain." [gencourt.state.nh.us]


"While Speaker O'Brien should be holding his leadership team to a higher standard, we won't be holding our breath," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "From day one, Speaker O'Brien has not only defended wildly inappropriate actions by members of his caucus, but joined their irresponsible behavior."


Last month, House Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt was caught misusing taxpayer resources in almost exactly the same way as Rep. Pam Tucker.  He released an endorsement of Mitt Romney in the upcoming Presidential Primary on State House letter head in violation of the House Ethics Guidelines.


Republican state Senator Nancy Stiles disapproved of Bettencourt's misuse of his legislative email.  "The House may have different rules, but as I understand it, we are not supposed to use our official (legislative) e-mail for political campaigning," Stiles told the Portsmouth Herald [Portsmouth Herald, 12/7/2011]


"Speaker O'Brien should be ashamed that in less than a month his both Deputy Speaker and Majority Leader have both been caught misusing taxpayer funded services to bolster their own political ambitions," continued Kirstein.


A copy of Pam Tucker's inappropriate email can be found here.