US Rep Bass Statement on President's State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) issued the following statement this evening following the President’s State of the Union Address.

Bass said:

“Like any State of the Union Address, the President’s message on policy matters affecting our nation deserves a thorough review by Congress and the American people.  Regrettably, it seems like this year’s address is more of a campaign stump speech than a policy directive.

“It’s important for us to look beyond the political rhetoric and take a hard look at the President’s record and his plans for the future.  Just look at where things stand today compared to three years ago: almost two million more Americans are out of work and more than $4.6 trillion has been added to the national debt since the President took office. 

“The President’s disastrous policies of more spending, higher taxes, and bigger government will not jumpstart our economy or protect hardworking taxpayers.  This House has made job creation its number one priority.  But the President and the Democrats in the Senate don’t seem to share that commitment – there are 27 jobs bills awaiting action in the Senate, and it has been 1,000 days since the Senate even passed a budget.

“Less spending, lower taxes, and less government regulation are the keys to getting our economy back on track and stopping the high debt and deficits plaguing our children and grandchildren’s futures.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hear much of that in the President’s speech tonight.  There are numerous areas in which both sides of the aisle can come together and work on solving our nation’s problems, whether it’s on certain tax reform measures, spending cuts, or other policies.  I believe we can find common ground on addressing the challenges facing our nation and I stand ready to work with any of my colleagues on these issues.”