July 4th Forum - Leaders Support Traditional Marriage

Look What Leaders Are Saying
About Traditional Marriage

Dear Friend,

If you support the restoration of traditional marriage in New Hampshire, you are not alone – and you can help make it happen!

Here’s just some of what key leaders are saying in New Hampshire about restoring traditional marriage:

NH Bishop Patrick A. Libasci:

“The spiritual leader of the state's nearly 288,000 Roman Catholics said Thursday he hopes state lawmakers will help restore the traditional place of marriage and the family as the foundations of society by repealing same-sex marriage in 2012…Libasci said he is encouraged the state Legislature ‘will have the opportunity in this coming year to vote to restore the traditional understanding of marriage’ and hopes it will succeed .” (Kathryn Marchocki, Bishop hopes Legislature will restore marriage definition, Union Leader, 12.20.11 )

Mitt Romney:

“…To say that marriage is something other than the relationship between a man and a woman, I think, is a mistake…there’s every right for people in this country to form long- term committed relationships with one another. That doesn’t mean that they have to call it marriage... 3,000 years of human history shouldn’t be discarded so quickly .” (NH GOP Presidential Candidate Debate, St. Anselm College, 1.7.12 )

Newt Gingrich:

The sacrament of marriage was based on a man and woman, has been for 3,000 years. Is at the core of our civilization. And it’s something worth protecting and upholding. And I think protecting and upholding that doesn’t mean you have to go out and make life miserable for others, but it does mean you make a distinction between a historic sacrament of enormous importance in our civilization and simply deciding it applies everywhere and it’s just a civil right. It’s not.” (NH GOP Presidential Candidate Debate, St. Anselm College, 1.7.12 )

Rick Santorum:

If the Constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman, then marriage is between a man and a woman.” (NH GOP Presidential Candidate Debate, St. Anselm College, 1.7.12 )

Ron Paul:

When asked if he would veto a same-sex marriage bill as a state governor, he said yes, “if they were going to call that marriage.” (LifeSiteNews, 1/19/2012 )

If you agree with these leaders, then we need your help RIGHT NOW!

With only weeks left before an important vote, please contact your local legislators to urge their support for HB 437, which restores traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

It’s easy – just click this link for New Hampshire for Marriage’s new webpage.

Simply enter your name and address, and you will automatically send an email to your local legislators urging them to vote YES on HB 437 to restore traditional marriage in New Hampshire. 

While you’re there, you can also find the phone number to call your local legislators to make sure they get the message – Vote YES on HB 437!


Jason Rose
July 4th Forum