NHGOP Chairman MacDonald Responds To Biden Visit

MacDonald:  Today’s Campaign Event Is A Sad Reminder That The Obama Administration Is More Concerned With Photo-Ops And Campaign Speeches

Concord, NH -- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement in response to Vice President Biden’s campaign trip to Rochester, New Hampshire:

“We’re excited to have Vice President Biden here today because each time he or the President travels here for a campaign speech, voters are reminded of their failed economic policies and broken promises.  Today’s event is another sad reminder that the Obama administration is more concerned with photo-ops and campaign speeches than actually putting forth policies that will get Granite Staters back to work,” said NHGOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald.

Just a few short weeks ago, Republican voters recorded a record number of GOP votes and showed that the enthusiasm and momentum is on the Republican side.

“Voters across our state and nation are sick of the broken promises and failed economic policies, and we’re seeing that through the President’s polling numbers and the enthusiasm on our side.  Granite State voters are tired of the lofty and flowery speeches, they are tired of empty promises, and they are tired of a President who consistently looks to government for answers to our nation’s problems,” continued Chairman MacDonald.