Andy Martin - "Internet Powerhouse" opposes SOPA

Andy Martin says “SOPA” (the Stop Online Piracy Act) would “imprison” young people and make them technology slaves of Hollywood

Andy will hold a news conference at “College Convention 2012” to announce his opposition to SOPA and his plan to lead a Hollywood boycott if SOPA is adopted as law

Andy is known as “The Internet Powerhouse” because of his pioneering efforts to expose Barack Obama’s family tree; earlier he tangled with thugs working for Microsoft when he exposed weaknesses in Microsoft’s Windows programs; Andy was then called “The First Consumer Advocate in Cyberspace”

Andy is attending “College Convention 2012” in Concord, NH and intends to impress upon the students why he is the only presidential candidate in either party who can stand up to Hollywood, stop SOPA, and deliver a lethal blow to the “special interests in both political parties on K-Street in Washington”

(NEW YORK) (January 2, 2012) Before “Independent Republican Presidential Candidate” Andy Martin was a presidential candidate he was known as “The Internet Powerhouse.” And  before the was the Internet Powerhouse he was “The First Consumer Advocate in Cyberspace,” who tangled with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and triggered an avalanche of state and federal litigation against Microsoft.

Microsoft became so irritated with Andy the company had a bunch of thugs beat him up on Fifth Avenue in 1998 when Andy was on the sidewalk outside CompUSA protesting the launch of Windows 98.

Beginning in 2004 Andy became “The Internet Powerhouse” as he created the anti-Obama movement. Andy, who has forty-four years of TV, radio and communications experience, is also a corruption-fighter and political reformer in Illinois, where he helped send crooked politicians to jail and where he first came to know Barack Obama as a “Machine” state senator for the Cook County Democratic Party.

Andy became the nemesis of the Obama’s presidential campaign as Andy dug for information about Obama's family records and became the first independent Obama investigator to land in Hawai’i (see Washington Post link below). Obama followed Andy to Hawai’i in a candidate-vs.-corruption-fighter “duel” in October, 2008.

Andy will hold a Concord, NH news conference Wednesday, January 4th to announce he opposes SOPA (the “Stop Online Piracy Act”); he will call for a boycott of Hollywood if SOPA is enacted into law.

Andy will be attending the four-day “College Convention 2012” sponsored by New England College. Andy says “the students probably don't know that there is one presidential candidate in New Hampshire who is aware of technology and has used technology as a powerful weapon for truth. “I have been pursuing Barack Obama since 2004. All I have ever asked for is the truth and the facts about President Obama’s personal history.” Andy remarks.

“On Wednesday I will turn my guns on the lobbyists and influence peddlers in Washington who are trying to ‘lock down’ the Internet. All of us agree that piracy is wrong. Most pirated intellectual property today is stolen in China. As President I would impose an economic embargo on China until the Chinese eradicated their piracy industry. But if the real problem is in China, why punish Americans with onerous new restrictions?

“In addition, SOPA seeks to restrict Internet access in ways that would inhibit investigative journalism and free speech.

“If students want to come to a convention about the 2012 election they should also be prepared to learn how Mitt Romney’s lobbyists and all of the Republican Party’s ‘K-Street crowd’ are trying to take away the students’ Internet freedom, to make them slaves of Hollywood. In perpetuity.

“SOPA is being sponsored by the ‘Finest Congress Money Can Buy,’ and I aim to blow the whistle and warn the students that their future is at risk.

“The New Hampshire primary is a place where people can revolt and rebel. If voters want a candidate that is willing to stand up to Romney and the K-Street crowd, I’m the man. By comparison, Newton Gingrich has been a tool of the special interests his entire life. I am the only presidential candidate who is committed to Internet freedom and who has the chops to stand up the Democratic Party’s money machine in Hollywood. I will lead a Hollywood boycott if SOPA passes, because it will be a corrupt law engineered by corrupt legislators to reward corrupt campaign contributors,” Andy says.

“I have not been asked to deliver a formal address at the Convention,” Andy notes. “But I will probably be the most important candidate who appears, because I am the only one who understands how technology affects our lives, and how greedy corporations want to imprison us in technological dungeons. I am the only candidate who understands what is important to students and their futures. I authored the ‘Consumer Protection and Computer Competitiveness Act of 1998’ which sought to protect consumers from abuses by Microsoft and other computer or cyberspace corporations and became the source code for federal and state litigation and regulation involving Microsoft (see links below).

“Voters in New Hampshire have a real choice on January 10th. They can vote for the old ways, which are represented to varying degrees by all of my opponents, or they can vote for me, someone that even Newton Gingrich himself would probably admit is a ‘transformational candidate’ who has the tech savvy and Chicago chops to declare war on in the special interests.

“If you don’t think I’m a skillful, determined and tough Chicago-style street-fighter, just ask Barack Obama,” Andy says. “That’s why Obama is afraid to face me as the Republican candidate. The rest of my opponents are patsies of the liberal media. Obama has contempt for them. The media don’t control me the way they manipulate the other Republican presidential candidates. That’s why New Hampshire voters and Americans everywhere should vote for me and no one else. They have a real choice if they choose to vote for me.”

Andy is also a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.



Independent Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin’s suite at the Courtyard by Marriott, Concord, NH (ask for Andy's suite, number currently unknown).


Wednesday, January 4th, 2012, 11:00 A.M.