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Making Calls Made Simple

Calling all Callers with Newt,

“We are doing more calls per hour than any campaign in the state.”
– Newt 2012 NH Director Andrew Hemingway in the New York Times (12/28/11)

When the conservative Wall Street Journal applauds a candidate’s “great,” “aggressive” jobs plan and the liberal New York Times reports on his campaign’s technological savvy, you know things are looking up.

Three years into the Obama administration, time – like money – is tight. The NewtHampshire campaign values your time. That’s why when we ask you to do the traditional grassroots campaign work of making phone calls to identify supporters, we do it in an innovative way to make the most of your time.

(Our/your phone call leader board, updated today. We are also monitoring supporters earning "political capital" points at

Come use our easy, efficient phone system at 968 Elm Street in Manchester. (If you’d like to make calls from another location, email

With Newt,

Bob Burns
Deputy NH State Director
Newt 2012

P.S. Kudos to our 3 different call leaders the last 3 weeks (Tara Sennick, Janice Rogoff, Gary Schaffick), and our All-Time Top 5: 1) Gary, 2) Adam Kuegler, 3) Eamon Bousa, 4) Tara, 5) William Lacosse.