The Daily Newt: Baffling

To rebuild the America we love: Newt’s positive solutions and experience, NewtHampshire’s volunteerism

Yesterday, a Washington Post blog noted Newt’s “baffling pledge not to go negative” (emphasis added). Why go negative when you have so many positive solutions for American jobs and security?

Beyond the beltway, New Hampshire citizens are pretty hard to baffle. We’ve seen it all. We can filter out desperate, paid advertising. We value problem-solving and experience. The New Hampshire Union Leader has certainly seen and heard it all before. The largest newspaper of our small state stands firmly by its endorsement of Newt Gingrich for President. “Gingrich’s breadth of experience is one of the reasons we find him the best man to take the reins at a very troubled time in our nation’s history.” (01/01/2012)

Baffle the pundits, the Democratic establishment, the Republican establishment, and much of the mainstream media. Donate time and/or funds to the Newt 2012 campaign today.