Fred Karger NH Commercial Begins on TV

New Karger Commercial Begins on TV
in New Hampshire Today -
'Fed Up With the Republican Party?
Vote for a Moderate Republican'

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Former Reagan aide Fred Karger previewed his new 30 second television commercial today at a noon (EST) press conference.  In this daring new ad Karger is described as “the only moderate Republican running for President.  He’s pro-choice, a supporter of gay marriage and wants the US out of Afghanistan now.”


“I want to let New Hampshire voters know that if they are not happy with the other seven Republicans running for President that there is one sensible, moderate candidate in the race," said Karger.  “When I first started coming to New Hampshire from California almost two years ago I started referring to myself as an Independent Republican, because that is who I am.  I grew up in a very different Republican Party, and I want to help bring that Republican Party back.  We need to appeal to the growing number of independent voters and work to bring younger voters into the GOP.  If not, the elephant will go the way of the dinosaur.”

The ad, called “Fed Up?” will air over 100 times beginning on WMUR (ABC) TV today and for the next seven days on WMUR and cable TV throughout New Hampshire.  It was produced and directed by Jhonmar Castillo, Interactive Creative Director of Moka Productions.  

Karger has been asking Independent and Republican voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state to cast a vote for him next Tuesday as a protest because of the far right shift of the Republican Party.

He discussed this theme recently at an Editorial Board with the Keene Sentinel headlined, "Angry? Karger says I am your ‘protest vote,'" by Casey Farrar.  It appeared on December 2, 2011. CLICK HERE for story.

Karger worked as a senior consultant on President Reagan’s 1980 and 1984 campaigns, and his firm represented Reagan’s PAC, Citizens for the Republic.

The first time candidate for President has been polling even with better known presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann in two recent New Hampshire polls.  

According to a Boston Globe story, Karger has spent the most days in New Hampshire over the past year, besting Romney and Huntsman.