How to become President and save the World.

Did you ever want to tell all these Presidential Candidates what’s on your mind?


New Hampshire resident Comedian Jim McCue plans on telling the candidate How to become President and save the world! What does a comedian know about foreign policy ? Jim McCue has probably been to more military bases then all the candidates combined he has been entertaining our troops all around the world since 1999. You may not agree with everything this self proclaimed life coach to the candidates say’s but Jim McCue promises at least you will have a laugh and that’s something we could all use in these troubling times. Jim McCue will provide laughter on everything from politics and foreign policy to relationships and why tall people make the best presidents. Jim McCue has been featured on Comedy Central, USO and is a regular opening act for Lewis Black.

Where: Headliners Comedy Club

Radisson Hotel Downtown
Manchester, NH
USA 03101

When: Friday January 6, 2012 9:30


Phone 617-388-0001