NH House Majority Leader Statement on Returning Obamacare $$$

Today the House Rules committee, in a  7-2 vote , voted to allow the late entry of a bill which would direct the State of New Hampshire to return $333,000 in federal  ObamaCare money to  Washington.  Earlier this year the Republican led legislature passed a bill (HB 601) to return $666,000 in Obamacare exchange planning funds to cut the federal deficit.  In December, the Executive Council voted to reject a $333,000 contract, paid for with federal funds, to establish a health insurance exchange to implement the national health care reform law, commonly called ObamaCare. At the time, Rep. Bettencourt indicated that legislation  would be   forthcoming to return the balance of the money back to Washington.  Today's vote by House Rules starts that process. 


House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt

"We have sent the message time and again to Washington that the people of New Hampshire should be free to make their own health care decisions.  We have already passed legislation to send $666,000 in  ObamaCare money back to the feds and thanks to the vote of the Rules Committee today, we intend to send back even more.  Governor Lynch and the Democrats in this state have clearly embraced ObamaCare and all of the strings that come attached to it.  As majority leader I can assure the people of New Hampshire that we will continue to block any attempt to force Obamacare money upon us.  I applaud the Republican members of the Rules Committee who recognized the importance of this legislation and voted to allow us to take up the matter once again this session."