NHDP - House GOP Economic Plan: Increase Interest Rates on Consumers

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on the reckless vote to override Governor Lynch's veto of SB57.


"Less than 24 hours after making wild claims that their reckless agenda was focused on the economy, House Republicans voted to allow New Hampshire consumers to be charged excessive interests rates of more than 300% annually.  But charging New Hampshire citizens astronomically high interest rates will do nothing to grow our Granite State economy; instead this irresponsible bill will let our state fall victim to predatory lenders and interest rates so high that the majority of other states and our U.S. military have banned them. 


"In less than one week, New Hampshire will once again be first in the nation as we host our Presidential Primary, but today Republican legislators sent us to the back of line when it comes to consumer protection and put countless Granite State families at risk."