Gary Johnson Polling at 9%

Gary Johnson polling at 9% nationally, inching further toward Obama

Karl Dickey, West Palm Beach Libertarian Examiner

January 3, 2012

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, is growing in popularity as more people learn more about him and his policies. Just a few months ago, Johnson was polling in the 2-5% range and since his jump to the Libertarian Party from the GOP, he is gaining support from all factions of political ideologies. He is now at 9% and that figure will continue to grow with additional media coverage. He seems to be loved by liberals and conservatives alike. According to the poll, President Obama has a 43%  chance of re-election.

As Obama's approval ratings drop further with 52% of Americans disapproving of the way Obama is doing his job as President, and as America rates Congress at 8% approval rating, they are looking for alternatives. More and more people are seeking out a better political party than the one they currently belong as they realize the politicians they have put into office have betrayed them.

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