Gov. Roemer to Host 'Made in America' Yankee Swap

Manchester, NHGovernor Charles E. “Buddy” Roemer's campaign today announced a "Made in America Yankee Swap" at Roemer's headquarters in Manchester this upcoming Monday, January 9, at 12:30pm.
"Made in America is at the heart of my economic policy," said Roemer. "America, unlike our rivals, has no trade strategy. Our President should begin with three actions: (1) Revoke Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China; (2) Have the Treasury Department officially designate China as a currency manipulator; and (3) Pass the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act to give American industries the means to fight back."

"China is the worst trade aggressor in the world," Roemer continued. "A black hole for American jobs, a security threat. Our president needs to lead by taking these three minimum steps. He won't. I will."
NH State Director Chris Buck said the event gives supporters, staff and any interested media who want to attend a chance to unwind and enjoy the holiday season with Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer.
In traditional Yankee Swap fashion, gifts should be no more than $15 in value, should be made in the United States, and will be exchanged based on numbers drawn at the event. Hot cider, coffee and donuts will be served. The address is 66 Hanover St., Suite 200, Manchester, NH 03101, and the office telephone is 603-782-4812. This event is free and open to the public, media may participate in the Yankee Swap, and attendees are encouraged to RSVP to

Governor Buddy Roemer is a four-term Congressman and former Governor of Louisiana. He is known for refusing PAC and special interest money, implementing campaign finance reform, turning around Louisiana’s failing economy and cutting the state’s unemployment rate in half in just four years. Roemer is a candidate for President of the United States. His website is