NewtHampshire - Definitely

The Newt vs. Mitt range in records and policies will not shrink; NH poll margins will


As I told USA TODAY, the margin between Romney and Newt in the polls – quite frankly – is “not a little bit.”

But it definitely can be made up.

We have already achieved important Metrics and Milestones here.

Of course, the range between Newt and Mitt when it comes to their records is stark and wide. The difference in their commitments to conservative, pro-growth solutions is shockingly wide for a Republican presidential primary in this kind of economy.

The best thing you can do to narrow the poll margin between Romney and Newt, and to eventually propel Newt to a NH Primary victory, is to come into our Manchester office (968 Elm St.) and make calls to Granite Staters near and far. Keep following And you can always email me – – or my colleague Erin – – to get going with the grassroots in other parts of the state or even from your own home.

Definitely with Newt,

P.S. While we need you to phonebank, be sure also to make time to get out and see Newt on the trail!

Bob Burns
Deputy NH Director
Newt 2012