NHDP - Out of Control Republican Lawmakers Damage NH Education Quality

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley condemned Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate for passing HB542, allowing students to be exempted from specific course material in schools.  Even the extremely conservative Union Leader editorial board called it "neither workable, nor sensible" in supporting Governor Lynch's veto of the bill. 


"Instances where the Union Leader editorial board and I agree are few and far between, but we both know that HB542 simply isn't sensible."


"HB542 does serious damage to the quality of education in New Hampshire. It will allow children to be removed from any lessons their parents find objectionable, algebra, English language arts, American history, the civil or women's rights movements, science education, absolutely anything. 


"In addition this bill will downshift an enormous cost burden on to cities and towns.  It requires school districts to create individual curricula for each and every student and the costs of developing those plans will be passed on to local taxpayers.  


"Even the members of the Tea Party circus that have taken over our State House this year know how damaging and widely unpopular this bill is, that is why they both overrode Governor Lynch's veto within minutes of each other and in the midst of our first in the nation Presidential Primary.  This bill is reckless and irresponsible."